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This year we are offering levels of participation:

Above The Crowd
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$  750.00

$  500.00

$  250.00

$  100.00

There is a benefit account set up at Wells Fargo Bank in Paso Robles for donations.  Please make checks payable to Up With Kids.

We, at RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate, in an effort to give back to our community, just finished our 18th “Back to School Shopping Spree” for under privileged children in the North County area.  Our agents and office donate funds to buy school clothes.  We work with the schools and local service organizations to coordinate mailing of an application to local families.  We then evaluate the applications and sponsor the most in need children, age 5-12.  Each of our agents, in addition to donating money, will take the child shopping for $100 worth of clothing needs.  Target has been the host store for the shopping spree since the beginning. 

 Our aim is to help these children and give them a memorable time.  We bring the RE/MAX hot air balloon in that morning.  Each child will be able to take a free ride up in the balloon, which will be tethered.  Target offers breakfast and socks and each agent escorts a child shopping. 

How can you help? We are looking for 2019 corporate team members.  Please contact Elissa Williams or Brian Thorndyke.

We are in need of new and gently used clothing for the children.  We also sponsor an area called, “New To You”.  In this area we serve two needs.  First, the families can “shop” for other children in the family under 5 and over 12.  And second, because it is so hard to turn away people, those who were not chosen to go shopping in Target, at least have a chance to get clothing for the children.  We reach out to the community to donate clothing for this very important part of the program.

How else can you help?  Due to the number of children and the fact that each child will be accompanied from start to finish, we look for volunteers to be there that morning and participate either by taking a child shopping or in the New to You area or other supporting staff.  Due to the number of Spanish speaking parents, Spanish speaking volunteers are especially needed. Want to Volunteer? Click Here

There is a benefit account set up at Wells Fargo Bank where you can make cash donations.


Our goal is the children, but we realize the importance of recognizing those who help to make this event a success!

Great Volunteers

Rise and Shine Volunteers

Rise and Shine Volunteers